Lundi le 31 Mai 2021 / Monday, May 31th

Note @ 10h 30 am (Mountain/Rocheuses) AGM du CERA

Theme: Contemporary Issues. Museum exhibitions & Mediation: From Mental Health in Science Museums to Curriculum in Pandemic Times
Time: 9h15 Mountain Time/Rocheuses

Marie-France Berard (UBC)
“The Uncertain Profession”: In-dwelling between Curriculum Worlds in Art Museum Education and Pandemic Times

Daniel Atkinson (OISE-UT), Ana Maria Navas Iannini (Los Andes), Erminia Pedretti (OISE-UT), Kristen Schaffer (OISE-UT)
Mental health in science museums: Addressing contemporary issues through exhibition practices

Theme: Museum & Teacher Collaborations: Reflexive Research, Pedagogical Praxis/ Développement Professionnel au Musée: Recherche et Collaboration Numériques. Time: 14h30 Mountain time/Rocheuses

Anik Meunier (UQAM)
Enseigner et apprendre au musée : une démarche de développement professionnel

Marina Gross-Hoy (UQAM)
Developing Digital Museum Projects, Together: Creative Sprints in an Innovative Lab During COVID-19

Sarah Jane Kerr-Lapsley (McGill), Emily Keenlyside (Concordia)
Reflexive research and pedagogical praxis: Working with teachers and gallery educators before and during COVID-19

Mardi le 1 juin 2021 / Tuesday, June 1st 2021

Theme: Musées d’Art : Médiation Numérique, Pédagogie et Collaborations Time: 13h:00 Mountain Time/rocheuses

Charlène Bélanger (Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal)
L’expérience collaborative au sein de PRISME, le laboratoire de médiation numérique du Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal

Thibault Zimmer (MBAM; Concordia)
Exploitation pédagogique d’une exposition en réalité virtuelle

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